Me on the funicular railway

It’s my birthday today – I’m 14. This is very old for a Labrador and according to the Pedigree Petfoods site I am 103 in human years. I should have got a telegram from the Queen in about March, but probably she was too busy to send Labradors messages.

I didn’t want anything for my birthday, if I need something, Ian buys it for me and, to tell you the truth, apart from biscuits I don’t really need anything. What I did want was to go to the beach and have ice cream, so Ian and Lynne took me to Torquay for the weekend.

We stayed in a small hotel overlooking the sea what was very nice (it was called the Downs – very dog friendly) and I did little walks a few times a day as my legs are a bit wobbly nowadays. Having said that, they did drag me up and down cliff paths a few times, although I insisted on going on the funicular railway on the way back.

Me losing my money on the penny falls

On Sunday we went to Paignton for a walk on the beach, paddle in the sea and a vanilla ice cream in a tub – BRILLIANT!

Today has not been quite as much fun as it could have been. It was sleeting on my walk this afternoon and then the vets was open so I had to go in for a lump what has appeared on my bottom. The lady vet stuck a needle in it and I have to admit that it made my eyes smart a bit!

So, now that Ian has sent the second edition of his book to the printers, hopefully he will have more time to type up my blogs.

Until next time …


Me and Lynne


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2 Responses to OZY’S BIRTHDAY

  1. Happy Birthday and joyeux anniversaire, dear Ozy. May you live many more years to have more walks and ice creams and as little visits to the vet as possible!
    Love from your French friend Fado

  2. Dear Ozy, Happy Birthday old chap. I think you should get a telegram from the corgi’s, but sometimes they just chew them up !

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