Ozy’s Last Blog

We are very sad to inform you that we lost Ozy last month after a short illness.

Ozy joined us here in Nether Stowey just after we opened the guesthouse and grew up in a house full of people and dogs and he welcomed each and every one of them – especially when they would sit down for a cup of tea and biscuit on arrival. He loved fetching and carrying and all our guests will remember his after breakfast napkin routine when he brought the napkins to the kitchen after retrieving them from guests’ laps. No doubt, environmental health would have had a view on this – had they known.

Ozy 2003 – 2017

Ozy loved the Quantocks and his daily walk up into the hills. However busy we were, we always found time for a walk, rain or shine, and this often turned into the highlight of the day –  and kept us all fit. Ozy was also the first dog to walk the Coleridge Way and his contribution to the Companion Guide was invaluable and without him we probably wouldn’t have walked the route so many times.

With his pet passport, Ozy travelled around Europe and visited France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg usually writing a blog about his take on our European cousins and the state of the various nations. He was never particularly reverential – unless food was involved.

Ozy’s blogs were read widely and, from the comments received, much liked. In fact, they became so well known that we would turn up to marketing training days, only to find the blogs being used as examples of good practice. On other occasions we would get into conversation with complete strangers who would say “So you’re Ozy’s owners – we always read his blog.”

However, what we will miss most is him just being around and being our friend. He was a lovely dog.

Ian and Lynne

theoldciderhouse@gmail.com 01278 732228


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3 Responses to Ozy’s Last Blog

  1. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. This must have been a hard blog to write and publish. Ozy reached so many people with his wisdom and his frank opinions. His legacy, the national minimum dog biscuit rate, will ensure he is never forgotten. He will be missed by those who knew and loved him, far more people and dogs than he might even have realised. God Bless and run free over the rainbow bridge Ozy, with much love to you and your people.

  2. chloemee0505 says:

    I am crying reading this. I never had the pleasure of meeting Ozy but I loved his blog, he was a very witty writer and clearly he had the most wonderful life My condolences to everyone who loved him xxx

  3. Henry Darrow says:

    I was saddened to hear that Ozy has gone.I enjoyed Ozy’s blog’ particularly the dogs breakfast video which always makes me smile. I think Ozy was a lucky dog as you gave him a lovely home and a great life. Sorry for your loss.

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