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We write a number of blogs for different reasons. For: Law - contact Ian Pearson 07531 852 229 Dog - contact Ozy The Old Cider House - contact Lynne 01278 732228

Ozy’s Last Blog

We are very sad to inform you that we lost Ozy last month after a short illness. Ozy joined us here in Nether Stowey just after we opened the guesthouse and grew up in a house full of people and … Continue reading

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Ozy’s DNA

Everyone is doing their DNA at the moment. Ian has had his done and he is 42% western European, 36% Great British, 12% Scandinavian, 8% Iberian Peninsula and 2% Irish. This sort of follows wot Ian thinks his ancestry should … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday today – I’m 14. This is very old for a Labrador and according to the Pedigree Petfoods site I am 103 in human years. I should have got a telegram from the Queen in about March, but … Continue reading

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US Election

I have been asked wot my opinion is on the United States election, so I have been watching the debates on the television while Ian has been doing the ironing and this is the way wot I see it. There … Continue reading

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Ozy Olympics

I have been asked my opinion on the Olympics wot have just finished by Alan from Sittingbourne. While Team BG did reely well, most of wot they did is wot I do (or used to do) as a matter of … Continue reading

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Terrier May and the Cabinet

Terrier May is now our new Prime Minister after Andrea Leads-on dropped out of the race due to comments she made about Terrier not having any puppies. Having Terrier as PM should be interesting and she has now put together … Continue reading

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Euro 2016 Dogxit

So why are we so rubbish at football? Last week in the Euro 2016 men chasing a ball around the field game, England lost against a team called Iceland wot is not even a country but a shop where you … Continue reading

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