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  1. Ozy, have you any plans to set up a Facebook account?

  2. Thank you OZY for being so involved in dog affairs..will pass the info on.
    the wolfe

  3. Wolfe says:

    OZY so glad the NEW year is here. And I also have made some resolutions. You are my inspiration. Glad you are keeping Ian in check sorry you won’t be at the Rose and Crown for a visit in January , but maybe you’ll be able to check on them keeping the biscuits from getting stale.
    The wolfe

  4. Indi(neighbour to Tony in Lower Halstow) says:

    Dear Ozy,
    Having had your blog red to me by Tony I can cee you ar a dog of the world and wel up with currant affairs.i was wundering wether you could advise me on the setting up of offshore bank (Kibble) accounts which seem to be all the rage with us dogs just now.
    (I had to ask Tony to tipe this as i am only 6 months old and havn’t lerned to write yet)

  5. Layla ("owned" by Alex and David Keeble - lucky them) says:

    Dear Ozy
    I am a four and a half year old gorgeous blonde (ditzy I think is the word I have heard used – tcuch!) female labrador coming to stay with you in April. My hobbies are ball chewing/ chasing and being on the beach; which is why my owners are bringing me down (for the beach, not ball chewing which I can do quite well lying on the sofa here thank you) They claim its ‘cos they have to drop aged dad at Bristol airport but I know better. Anyway in case they dont do their research thoroughly enough what beaches can you recommend for a gorgeous blonde to strut her stuff please?

    Looking forward to meeting you Layla Keeble

  6. Claire Hodkinson says:

    Hey Ozzy, I think you might be in there mate !

  7. Indie (Lower Halstow) says:

    Dear Ozy, Thanks for the budget info. Whilst I woz reading it too my mate Boomer wot lives with me (were just good friends – we havn’t got the equipment to be anythingelse) he got most upset on hearing about long ears, heads and windows as all three applied to him. He asked me to ask you in your legal capacity whether there might be some edict from the European Court of Canine Rites that would prevent the govenmint from doing this. He is very sinicle and thinks that the helth and safty executive hav been looking for some time for an excuse to stop this enjoyable pastime.


  8. Sharon Webber says:

    I must say,when I stayed, I thought it a bit unfair,you were in the dining room,taking serviettes off the table,whilst my dog,was not allowed in the dining room,and had to stay in our room during breakfast,missing all the fun…

    • I am not allowed in the dining room either really. However, I am looking for an apprentice. If you were able to get a Grade 1 Food Hygiene Certificate then I would be willing to train you up.

  9. Trish says:

    Ozy – I’ve become an avid follower of your wisdom and have a philosophical question for you. Can you please explain what Bizkit might be dreaming of in this You Tube clip? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2BgjH_CtIA

  10. Wolfe says:

    Ozy thanks for the heads up I too will get rid of any shares in Barclays bank straight away.

  11. helen harris says:

    Dear Ozy – As we are all on a “diet” in the office we have taken to eating grapes instead of chocolate – which we know you are partial to (chocolate that is! but we wont mention that again). With your vast knowledge of currant affairs, would you please explain to us the difference between raisins, sultanas, and of course currants. Yours fruitily Michael Steven Management Department better known as Helen and Jo !xx

    • I now have:
      Where are the 39 steps?
      Is spaghetti pasta?
      What came first – the chicken or the egg? and
      Dried fruit.

      I’ll deal with all of these over the next few weeks.

  12. Uncle Biscuit says:


    I’m playing golf on Friday with the pub (The Long Hop),society. Can you remind me of how the Stableford handicap scoring system works. I will be playing with a handicap of 25.


    Uncle Biscuit

  13. princess says:

    hi Ozy, im Princess one of the labradors in skyfall 007 thought id drop you a line as you didn’t include us in your study of bond dogs I’m a bit busy working with my kennel mates at the moment,A busy shooting season, but good to chat to another black Lab.

  14. Sa says:

    Just heard that the role of Pope has gone u missed the deadline forapplications. Dont worry, we’ll be looking for a new prime minister shortly, much more your cup of tea (and yeH ok biscuits).

  15. Annie says:

    Hi There,

    I am contacting you on behalf of a new dog food brand by a well-known and established brand on the market.

    It has recently hit the shelves and we wanted to send some free samples (2.5kg bags) for bloggers to let their dogs try it out.

    We don’t necessarily ask for anything in return, but it’d be good to know whether they enjoyed it and if you thought this product was something you’d consider buying for your dog.

    If you’d like us to send you a free sample bag then do let me know and I will arrange for a bag to be sent out to you please let me know.

    Many Thanks,


    • Sorry it’s taken me such along time to respond, but I’d love some free samples for my blog readers. If you send me some I will try and get Ian to do a special offer thingy. I think it’s called co-branding.

      Luv, Ozy

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